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Welcome to trio_pictures, a LJ community source dedicated to pictures of Emma Watson, Daniel Radcliffe, and Rupert Grint the stars of Harry Potter. This is a Friends Only community, and you need to join to see the posts. Have fun!

01. Only post pictures of the Trio are permited (Emma, Dan & Rupert - including HP scenes).
02. You may post a discussion here, only if it is over a picture.
03. This group is Friends only. You need to be a member to join the fun!
04. No icons, banners, wallpaper etc. Only pictures.
05. All large images should be under a cut. Only up to 3 thumbnails can be out of the cut.
06. Promotion is allowed here as long as it is Tro-Related (Harry Potter, HP Actors, etc..)A picture along with it would be nice =).
07. ALL posts must be friends only otherwise I will not accept them